Solidarity with other workers

Workers are stronger when we support each other. This section of the wesbite reports on other workers in Britain and across the world campaigning for a better deal, and what we can do to support them.

Message of Solidarity from RMT with Israeli Railworkers Striking against Privatisation

We have seen press reports about your struggle with your employer, Israel Railways and of the serious attacks on your members' collective agreements, safety and conditions of employment. We have also been informed that you and two other colleagues have been fined 10,000 NIS by the Labour Court for leading 'illegal' strike action against plans to privatise and 'out-source' your work to sub-contractors, in order to break up your collective contract.

RMT Campaign Achieves Major Pay Victory For OCS Eurostar Cleaners

RAIL UNION RMT today announced the end a pay dispute involving OCS cleaners working on the Eurostar contract after a new deal secured the union’s interim objective of getting all staff onto a minimum rate of £8 per hour by the autumn of this year.

A series of incremental increases under the package will say the minimum rate of pay rise from £7.40 an hour to £8.00 per hour by November - an increase of around 8% on the basic.

Overwhelming Votes For Action On Heathrow Express Over Sacking Of Driver And Victimisation Of RMT Activist

RAIL UNION RMT have confirmed that ballots for strike action and action short of a strike on Heathrow Express over the unfair dismissal of a driver member and over a campaign of harassment and victimisation against an RMT representative have returned overwhelming votes for action.

BBC London Broadcasts Correction Following Misquote of Fire Brigades' Union On DLR Olympic Bonus

On Thursday's edition of BBC London, during an item about the £2500 Olympic Bonus for Docklands Light Railway workers the Fire brigades' Union was incorrectly quoted as saying "The Fire Brigades Union has told us tonight that they think this deal is unfair.”

The FBU was quick to correct the misquote issuing a statement to all their members:

TUC Workers Memorial Day

From General Secretary Bob Crow

The TUC is dedicating this year’s Workers’ Memorial Day, Saturday 28th April, to a Day of Action to defend Health and Safety. They are producing a series of bulletins that will assist reps and activists to organise for the day with important discussion topics. The first two ‘Defending Regulation’ and ‘The Need for Enforcement’ are available online now. (see below)