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RMT outrage as ‘shameful and undemocratic’ legal challenge forces rerun of Tube strike ballot

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LONDON UNDERGROUND’S biggest union today expressed outrage at a ‘shameful and undemocratic’ legal challenge by Tube bosses that has forced the re-run of a strike ballot of more than 9,000 RMT members – despite it yielding a five-to-one majority for action.

RMT today said it would re-run the ballot on the same issues of jobs and pay as soon as possible after the union received a detailed legal letter designed purely to undermine the ballot and as a preliminary to a court challenge.

People’s Charter for Change

Poll Proves People want Change and New Priorities

An exclusive poll commissioned for the launch of the People’s Charter for Change at the House of Commons on Wednesday 11th at 10.30 has shown that people across the country are demanding a new set of priorities to deal with the present economic crisis.

London Underground needs to end damaging cuts

ENDING DAMAGING staff cuts, bringing all of London’s Tube back into the public sector and getting the network’s upgrade back on track are more important than the name on the managing director’s door, London Underground’s biggest union said today.

Responding to news that LUL chief Tim O’Toole was stepping down, RMT said that the damaging policies being imposed on the network needed to be reversed.

London Overground staff to be balloted over breakdown in Industrial relations

RMT press release, issued today

NEARLY 300 members of Britain’s biggest rail union working for London Overground are to be balloted for strike action over a breakdown of industrial relations.

The dispute involves a complex of issues, including failure to negotiate seriously on restructuring proposals, failure to improve facilities and progress other welfare issues, and failure to confirm verbal assurances that new trains would be staffed by guards with full operational safety role and control of doors.

London Underground scuppers talks on massive job cuts

RMT press release, issued today

TALKS ON London Underground’s plan to axe 1,000 jobs failed to clear the first hurdle today after the company refused to agree consultation arrangements.

The company effectively walked away from the table after refusing to discuss the procedure for the consultation, trying instead to steamroller through its own terms of reference – even down to the number of reps from each union.

Tube workers to demonstrate against job cuts WEDNESDAY FEB 11

RMT press release, issued today

RMT to lobby LUL headquarters at Broadway from 08:00

LONDON UNDERGROUND’S biggest union will tomorrow (Wednesday) demonstrate its opposition to at least 1,000 redundancies planned by Tube bosses with a mass Lobby at the network’s 55 Broadway headquarters.

The noisy and colourful protest will commence at 08:00 on Wednesday, February 11

The union has already indicated that it will resist job losses, and that any attempt to impose compulsory redundancies among its members would be met with a ballot for industrial action.

Bad weather underlines need for more rail staff and a unified railway network, says RMT

RMT press release, issued today

THE EXTREME weather that has played havoc with Britain’s transport system has underlined the failings of a fragmented rail network and the folly of the long-term reduction in the number of front-line staff, the country’s biggest rail union said today.

As staff struggled to maintain services in worsening weather conditions, RMT contrasted the commitment of front-line workers with train-operating companies that have chipped away at staffing levels since privatisation to boost profits.

Power workers on London Tube set six new strike dates

RMT press release, issued today

POWER WORKERS responsible for finding and fixing faults on the London Tube’s power supply will begin the first of six new overnight strikes at 19:59 on Sunday (February 1) after employer EDF Energy Powerlink again failed to deliver pay parity with non-shift colleagues.

The two dozen ‘shift testers’, who have already stopped work three times, will also strike for 12 hours starting at 19:59 on February 4, 11, 15 and 22 and March 1.

Docklands Light Railway strike suspended

RMT press release, issued today

A STRIKE by members of Britain’s biggest rail union working in the control room of the Docklands Light Railway has been suspended after the company agreed to leave existing roster and leave arrangements in place pending the outcome of further talks.

Some 30 RMT members had been scheduled to begin a 24-hour stoppage at 13:05 on Monday in a dispute over changes to weekend working hours.

Huge job losses on London Underground will be resisted, says RMT

RMT press release, issued today

ANY THREAT of forced redundancies of RMT members at TfL and London Underground will be resisted, the capital’s biggest tube and rail union said today.

In response to news that at least 1,000 jobs would be cut and fears that thousands more were under threat, RMT said that any move attempt to impose compulsory redundancies would be met with a ballot for industrial action.