May Day for rail and tube as RMT steps up jobs fight

As RMT rail engineering members at one of Network Rail’s key contractors, Jarvis, prepare to take industrial action next Tuesday May 5 2009 in response to plans by the company to axe 450 jobs, the union has sent out an eve of May Day pledge to defend jobs and services across the industry.

RMT members at Jarvis will refuse to carry out overtime for all shifts on Tuesday May 5 and will strike on the same day between 12.00 and 13.00hrs. May 5 has also been designated as a Day of Action by RMT and hundreds of rail workers and their supporters will descend on parliament to lobby MP’s over the planned jobs cull hitting rail and tube.

In a May Day message to members, RMT general secretary Bob Crow has sent out a clear warning to the government and the private companies in the rail industry that the union will step up the campaign against the growing attacks on jobs, services, safety and pay and conditions.

“On International Workers Day we salute RMT members at Jarvis who have joined with thousands of their brothers and sisters across the country in the fight for the right to work,” RMT general secretary Bob Crow said.

“We are calling again on the government to intervene to stop the attack on jobs and working conditions on the railways and to call to account the private companies who are jacking up fares by as much as 11% with one hand while hitting their staff with the other.

“And on Boris Johnson's first anniversary as London Mayor we’ve got a message for him as well – call off the planned cuts in jobs on the Tube and at TfL and pay our cleaners on the Underground the London Living Wage of £7.45 a hour that you have promised them,” Bob Crow said.

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