RMT Victoria Line strike “rock solid” in dispute over safety and bullying

RMT press release, issued today ...

The RMT said today that the 24 hour strike on the Victoria Line, starting at 9pm this evening, is “rock solid” after management refused last minute talks to resolve the dispute over passenger door safety and the bullying and victimization of RMT members.

LUL confirmed in announcements to commuters at main terminals this morning that the Victoria Line will be closed down from tonight and RMT expects a knock on effect over health and safety concerns that will impact on the Picadilly Line.

The dispute hinges on the failure of management to install Correct Door Side Enabling Equipment on the Victoria Line which is operational on all other lines on the Underground. This is a fail-safe mechanism which prevents the wrong side doors being opened when a train is on the platform. RMT safety reps have a dossier of 18 incidents over the past four years when the wrong side doors have been opened on the Victoria Line posing a serious safety risk to the public.

The dispute is also over an associated issue of the sacking of a train driver Carl Campbell and the victimization of RMT activist Glenroy Watson.

"The safety implications of not installing the Correct Door Side Enabling Equipment for the travelling public on the Victoria Line are blindingly obvious. If the doors open incorrectly, and you or your kids are jammed into the carriage, the potential for a tragedy is clear and that's why every other line on the Underground has brought in this fail safe mechanism", Bob Crow RMT general secretary said today.

"There is something rotten about a management culture which ignores crucial safety issues but which wastes time and effort harassing and victimizing staff. The RMT are determined to put a stop to it", Bob Crow said.


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