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RMT to ballot 10,000 members as Tube bosses announce jobs cull plan

London Transport Union RMT to ballot all members for strike action from Monday as TfL announces first phase of mass job cuts.

LONDON TRANSPORT UNION RMT confirmed today that it will begin a ballot of over 10,000 members across all grades after TFL refused to give assurances on jobs, pensions and working conditions in the midst of an on-going financial crisis driven by central Government.

LU bosses concede RMT position on Night Tube 'cost neutral'

RMT says the ball’s in London Underground’s court at today’s ACAS talks as solid strikes follow company rejection of union offer.

Ahead of more ACAS talks taking place today, RMT has called on London Underground managers to abandon their intransigent stance after another night of strike action over the Night Tube dispute.

Friday’s strike action, which the union described as rock solid, took place after London Underground managers rejected an offer from the union that would have allowed the action to be suspended.

Night Tube strike rock solid again

Strike action rock solid again as Night Tube staffing plans ripping up work life balance.

TUBE UNION RMT said that strike action in a fight to stop the ripping up of Night Tube agreements and working arrangements that would wreck the work life balance of drivers, is rock solid again tonight .

RMT General Mick Lynch said;

RMT advising members to ensure personal safety as masks become compulsory

30 November 2021

TRANSPORT UNION RMT said that it's advising all members to ensure that they protect their own personal safety and the safety of their colleagues as a priority as masks become compulsory on transport services in England.

The union has warned that the Government have made no arrangements to resource the enforcement of their policy switch leaving staff in the front line seriously exposed.

RMT on facemasks on public transport

Following the announcement that face masks will become compulsory on public transport, General Secretary Mick Lynch said;

"We support the wearing of masks but there are major issues about enforcement and its our members left in the front line with angry passengers who refuse to comply. 

"The Government must make the resources available to properly police this reintroduction of compulsory face coverings on our transport services . 

RMT writes to London Mayor over incorrect statements

RMT writes to Mayor about ‘incorrect and incendiary statements’ on Night Tube dispute.

TUBE UNION RMT has written to Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, today to express the union’s deep disappointment at ‘incorrect statements’ he made on Twitter this morning that are a total misrepresentation of the facts around the Night Tube dispute. ‎The union has warned that deliberately distorting the truth has an incendiary effect when the Mayor should be putting pressure on tube bosses to get back round the table with RMT officials for serious talks.

RMT calls on Mayor to scrap TfL’s ‘cash for cuts’ executive bonus scheme

RMT calls on Mayor to scrap TfL’s ‘cash for cuts’ executive bonus scheme for attacking keyworkers jobs, pay and pensions

TUBE UNION RMT has written to London Mayor Sadiq Khan calling on him to scrap Transport for London’s £12 million executive bonus scheme which will see senior staff rewarded for their success in delivering the government’s attack on heroic keyworkers’ pay, jobs and pensions.

Denouncing the scheme as ‘disgusting’ and ‘nothing more than cash for cuts’, RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch said:

RMT calls action over imposition of Night Tube

RMT calls action over imposition of impossible and unreasonable demands on staff in advance of Night Tube reopening

TUBE UNION RMT has called action by members over what it describes as the imposition of unacceptable and intolerable demands on staff in advance of the Night Tube reopening which the union says will wreck work life balance by bulldozing through additional night and weekend working.

The union’s executive has agreed the following position today:

75% of Tube workers subjected to workplace violence during Covid crisis

3 in 4 London Underground and TfL staff subjected to violence at work during Covid crisis, survey shows.

76% of staff in public facing roles on London’s Underground and TfL rail networks have been subjected to violence at work since the pandemic began, according to a new RMT survey, with half of these reporting that it has happened multiple times.

RMT responds to MPs report on green jobs

TRANSPORT AND OFFSHORE Union RMT today responded to the report and recommendations by cross-party MPs on green jobs and Net Zero

From the unions AGM in Leeds Mick Lynch, RMT General Secretary said:

“We welcome the Environmental Audit Committee’s report, which identifies the need for labour market regulation and investment in public transport to support the hundreds and thousands of good, green jobs which the Government is committed to but which we are not seeing in areas like decommissioning and the maritime supply chain.