RMT Accept LU Olympic Offer Following Approval At Representatives Meeting

We note the overwhelming view of our representatives expressed at the meeting on Friday 25 May, and accordingly instruct the General Secretary to advise London Underground of our acceptance of the revised proposal. We note that as a result, our members will receive up to £1000 for Olympics working, none of which is dependant on changes to or breaches of agreements. This union has stood its ground and refused to sign up to any changes to the agreements that protect our members’ working conditions.

We instruct the General Secretary to write to all members advising them of our acceptance of this offer; and to continue to provide information and updates to members on any further developments. We remain vigilant for any problems that may face our members concerning the Olympics, and instruct the General Secretary to place this matter back in front of us should this occur.

We further note the outstanding issue of ICSAs (Incident Customer Service Assistants), and that this is being addressed in a separate dispute. We reiterate our stance that ICSAs should not be counted towards minimum numbers of station staff, and instruct the General Secretary to: arrange talks at ACAS as soon as practical; and place this matter in front of us as a separate item within 14 days.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.