Your General Grades Committee has met to discuss the latest situation in our discussions over the Olympics and the following decision has been taken: -

“We note the latest developments in talks at ACAS. Unfortunately, instead of going forward from the last wording agreed, London Underground management tried to change it, to add qualifications that appeared designed to tie us to agreements made by other unions and which we could not accept. In response to RMT’s claim for a £1,000 lump sum reward for all grades, LU offered £100 CSS bonus (dependant on targets); £20 per shift attendance for the four weeks of the Games events only; plus £500 for drivers, £350 for other grades, and no extra for admin staff.

We note that our negotiators told management our objections to this, and urged management to amend their stance accordingly so that talks can continue towards an acceptable settlement. This union and our members wish to see swift progress in these talks towards an agreeable settlement i.e. one which gives an adequate financial reward to all grades without weakening agreements and working conditions.

We further note the resolution from our LU Engineering branch, which was also passed by our Regional Council, calling for a ballot of all members for action short of strikes; the report from our Regional Organiser recommending such a ballot; and the recent legal opinion which advises that such a ballot would strengthen the legal position of our members who refuse to work duties in breach of our agreements. We therefore instruct the General Secretary to make necessary preparations for this ballot as a matter of urgency, and to place this matter back in front of us once this is completed.

We further note that London Underground management has distributed an 'expression of interest' letter to drivers, asking them to indicate whether or not they wish to work duties that break existing parameters. The letter states that it has been produced through agreement with the trade unions, whereas it was in fact produced through agreement with ASLEF but not RMT. We object to this misrepresentation and in particular to the letter's statement that 'If you do not complete and return this form in sufficient time it will be understood that you are willing to work any duties that are allocated to you', and instruct the General Secretary to advise London Underground of this. We note that our Trains Council representatives have circulated advice to driver members not to sign and return this letter, and instruct the General Secretary to advise driver members how to make clear to management that they do not wish to work the duties that breach existing parameters through a format agreed with our Trains Council representatives.

Finally, we instruct the General Secretary to ensure that the union is campaigning actively in London Underground workplaces in support of our stance on this issue, through workplace visits, appropriate publicity materials, recruitment, and direct engagement between representatives and members.

Further, we note the resolutions from Central Line West and Bakerloo branches, and welcome any assistance that the General Secretary is able to give to progress talks to a satisfactory conclusion. We further note that our Regional Organiser supports the suggestion of an urgent meeting of our London Underground representatives to discuss this issue, and instruct the General Secretary to ensure that this takes place. A report of this meeting is to be placed in front of us.

We further note that London Underground Ltd has yet to send us its proposed new wording that it promised at ACAS that it would send this morning. We instruct the General Secretary to insist that the company stop stalling these talks and send its proposal without further delay; to seek the earliest possible reconvening of these talks; and to place this wording in front of us once received.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.