RMT Welcomes Return of Alstom Jubilee Contract to Public Ownership

RMT GGC adopted the following report:

We welcome the transfer of the train maintenance contract on London Underground’s Jubilee Line from the privately-owned Alstom to the publicly-owned Tube Lines. This comes at a time when the Jubilee Line is plagued by delays and disruptions, and illustrates that this union was right to campaign against the contracting-out of this work.

We call for the other contract held by Alstom, on the Northern Line, also to be transferred to Tube Lines. We reaffirm our commitment to the return of all contracted-out services to a fully-integrated, publicly-owned public transport system.

Throughout the transfer process, we insist that our members suffer no detriment to their terms and conditions of employment. We note that our Regional Organiser reports that talks on these matters are progressing smoothly so far, with the exception of the issue of pensions, as about 25 Alstom staff are in a Defined Benefit (DB) scheme which Tube Lines does not have. To resolve this issue and avoid detriment to our members, we demand that TfL admit all Alstom (and Tube Lines) staff into the TfL final salary pension scheme and be given free passes in line with everyone else in TfL and LUL.

We instruct the General Secretary to send a personal letter to all our members employed by Alstom on both the Jubilee and Northern Line contracts outlining this union’s stance, and to include an article in RMT News.

LU Fleet branch and London Transport Regional Council to be advised.

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