The 2009 Trains Functional Council Agreement

This is the ASLEF/LU agreement made at London Underground's Trains Council. This is the agreement that halved the number of pool staff and saw spare turns slashed in the depots.

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Train Operator recruitment and allocation to depots

We have outlined that the arrangements upon which staff are to be recruited to the grade of Train Operator are revised. With effect from the date of this agreement individuals will now be recruited to the grade of Train Operator not to a specific depot. These staff would not have a title separate to that of Train Operator. These staff will be recruited according to the following process:

  • An advert would go out in the Traffic Circular for the position of Train Operator
  • This advert would not specify particular locations for recruitment
  • Applications would be processed and assessments completed
  • As part of the induction day successful applicants would meet with management and trade union representatives to go through the nomination process
  • Each individual would make three depot nominations. Their first choice would be referred to as their Home depot and the other two Depots referred to as their second and third Nominated Depots Existing successful candidates awaiting training as of the date of this agreement will be given the opportunity to follow this agreed process.

As a result the following avenues are open to recruited individuals:

  1. To be placed, if there is a vacancy, at their nominated Home Depot. If there is not a vacancy at the Home Depot then in priority order:
  2. To be placed at a vacancy at either of their Nominated Depots
  3. To be placed at a vacancy at another Depot
  4. To be placed in a ‘project pool’ at a Depot
  • If not allocated to their Home Depot the applicants names would then be put on the respective waiting lists on Consolidation effective from the date of application. They would be placed behind Train Operators already on those waiting lists
  • Train Operators brought in to a ‘project pool’ will be required to undertake the full duties of a Train Operator
  • Cover Train Operators, including those on a pool, at a depot are still able to cover work relating to projects.
  • Train Operators that form part of the establishment at a depot cannot apply to work as part of a ‘project pool’.

While awaiting transfer to a vacancy at their nominated Home Depot by the Movements Committee these staff will be allocated to another train crew depot or will work as part of a ‘project pool’. Whilst on a ‘projects pool’ they will sit outside the establishment (as defined at a later point in this document). Upon completion of a given project staff on a ‘project pool’ could be transferred onto the ‘project pool’ of another project, or to work at another train crew Depot on any line if none of their choices of Home or Nominated Depots are available. No special travelling arrangements will be afforded to these members of staff. Placement of staff on any ‘project pool’ is solely a Management activity but consultation would occur on this matter at the Movements Committee. Individuals would continue under this arrangement until such time as they reach the top of the waiting list at either of their Nominated Depots or Home Depot. Subsequently at such time as a vacancy arises this individual would be transferred to the Depot in question.

As part of this process any individual transferred to a Nominated Depot will still retain their position on any higher Nominated Depot (ie second choice if they have reached their third choice) and their Home Depot. They would be transferred to either of these Depots were a vacancy to arise, and could potentially be transferred again from their second choice Nominated Depot to their Home Depot were a vacancy to arise at the Home Depot.

Metropolitan line arrangement

Also included within this agreement is provision for recruitment on the Metropolitan line until such time as this wider overall agreement is reached. This provision states that: A) The top 16* train operators on the Neasden Waiting list will be ‘called’ to enter training on the Metropolitan Line and will go into the existing depot Pool. B) These "16" train operators plus the existing Metropolitan Train Operators as of the 15 April 2009 will not be displaced from the Metropolitan Line as a result of the Upgrade, or the opening of a new depot(s) (at Harrow On The Hill for example). However, train operators may be displaced on the Metropolitan Line as a result of the opening of new depot. C) Additional Train Operators recruited to the Metropolitan Line as a result of the Upgrade requirements after the 15 April 2009 will fall under the new arrangements which have yet to be agreed. *the top 16 train operators that wish to go once called and taking into account cancelled transfer requests

Minimum numbers arrangement

Management agree to a minimum number of rostered spares, annual leave covers and Pool Operators at each Depot. Recruitment at or above these agreed minimum figures would remain the prerogative of London Underground, whilst recruitment to below this figure would require negotiation and agreement at Trains Functional Council. Furthermore, the definition of a Depot establishment would be altered to include running duties, rostered cover duties and the proportion of Pool Operators as outlined below. The principles for determining the minimum number of staff will be:

To determine the number of rostered spare staff each Depot will be placed within one of three bands. Each band will denote an agreed minimum number of rostered spares as a percentage of the running duties: Band 1 – 20% Band 2 – 22.5% Band 3 – 25%

In order to determine the band that each Depot will be placed in, a formula will be used. This formula will take into account the number of running duties Monday – Friday, the number of crew changes Monday – Friday, the number of trains that pass through the Depot in any given hour (off peak service Monday – Friday), if the Depot is at the end or in the middle of a line, the number of remote booking locations associated with the Depot, if the Depot was called upon to do work as a result of its proximity to a rolling stock Depot, and the extent to which stepping back is associated with the Depot. This calculation produces a score for each Depot which in turn will determine the band the Depot is placed in. The exact nature of the calculations and scoring to be used are detailed in the attached appendix.

It should be noted; that this calculation and scoring system will also be used to determine the number of rostered spares at any future Depots yet to be opened, and that Depots will be able to move between bands dependent on any future change in Depot circumstances.

The number of annual leave covers will be set at a ratio of 5.5:1 of the number of running and rostered cover duties at each Depot.

The minimum number of Pool Operators will be set as a percentage of the number of running, rostered cover and annual leave covers at each Depot. This percentage will be 5% for Depots that fell within band 1 and band 2. The percentage for Depots in band 3 will be set at 6%. The Pool Operators, whilst brought onto the establishment, will still sit outside the roster and will still be required to work as per the provisions agreed in the Line Pool Agreement. Any Pool Operators employed beyond this minimum number will not form part of the establishment at that Depot and will also work to the Line Pool Agreement.

Revision to East London line Agreement for Staff based at Leytonstone Depot

There will be a revision of the current arrangements for former East London line Train Operators based at Leytonstone Depot that currently sit outside the roster and pool. This revision will be along the following lines:

  • Only the former East London line Train Operators at Leytonstone Depot will come under this revision. This revision would apply to all Leytonstone Depot Train Operators transferred there under the East London line agreement
  • These Train Operators will be given a nomination form on which they MUST nominate two different Depots. Failure to nominate two different Depots will result in Management holding the right to move the Train Operator in question to a Depot of Management’s choice. The two nominations will consist of a first and second choice Depot
  • There is possibility of a number of these staff remaining at Leytonstone Depot, dependent upon the results of the nominations process
  • Of those Train Operators wishing to remain at Leytonstone Depot to take up these places, this will be done based on train grade seniority*
  • Those Train Operators that are displaced and wish to return to Leytonstone Depot will be inserted into the existing waiting lists and given the date the East London line agreement was made (23 October 2006). Where there is more than one Train Operator with this date these Train Operators will be ordered based on train grade seniority. Those Train Operators who do not get their first choice of nominated Depot will be placed on the waiting list of their first choice Depot with this same date (23 October 2006), and also ordered on train grade seniority where there is more than one Operator on the list with this date
  • Displaced train operators will be required to shadow the senior Train Operators at the Depots that they move to
  • Train operators remaining at Leytonstone Depot will shadow the senior Train Operators
  • On occasion of the next vacancy arising at a Depot the senior (grade) Train Operator (from or at Leytonstone Depot) shadowing will move to that vacancy** The Train Operator will be moved into the vacancy ahead of the existing waiting list
  • Subject to the nominations process the roster at North Greenwich Depot will be increased. All Train Operators that are moved to this Depot above the increased roster will act subject to the points noted above

Following the nominations process of the train operators in question Management reserve the right to review this arrangement and undertake renegotiation if required.

*Individual Extreme Hardship cases will be taken into account by the Movements Committee.

**Staff wishing to move to Brixton Depot will initially move to Seven Sisters Depot if Brixton Depot has not already been opened but will move to Brixton Depot at the earliest opportunity as outlined above.

  • At all Depots to which former East London line Train Operators are displaced consideration should be given on the next roster change to incorporating these train operators within the roster. (This point will only apply to the former East London line Train Operators currently at Leytonstone Depot)
  • All former East London line Train Operators displaced to any other Depot as per this agreement will be given a Depot seniority based on the date of the East London line agreement, 23 October 2006. (This point will only apply to the former East London line Train Operators currently at Leytonstone Depot)
  • Members of staff displaced will have access to parking facilities on the same basis as the existing staff at the Depot

Following this agreement commencement of a review of the relevant areas of the TTAA will occur.