Night Tube

News and updates on LU's plan to scrap the Night Tube grade.


Tube Pay Offer Rejected

Pay negotiations update from RMT Regional Organiser John Leach.

This afternoon I attended talks with RMT senior functional reps and Directors of LUL.

Members will know that the company so far have offered a two year pay deal 2015 ..0.50% and 2016 RPI and two one off payments of £250 for night tube.

At todays meeting the company have marginally revised the offer to:

2015...0.75%(1/4 %increase)
2016 ..RPI

So over the two years the offer has been moved by a mere 0.25%!

The Night Tube Negotiations – An RMT Drivers’ Discussion Document

Since Mayor Johnson first announced his plans to introduce Night Tube (NT) on Fridays and Saturdays back in November 2013, the question in every mess room and canteen has been about how, exactly, is it going to work? Whilst business leaders hailed the opportunity to “boost businesses, jobs and leisure opportunities in London’s vibrant night-time economy” drivers just wanted to know if it would be safe and how we will be fairly compensated for the increasingly anti-social working hours.

LUL Pay Update 3

Today we met LUL for the second time since they made their first and only offer so far in this year's pay negotiations

At today's meeting no new offer was made , but management have agreed to have further talks (to have concluded by the end of next week) at Functional level to ascertain the impact of Night Tube in each of the 7 Grade Functional council areas.IE all staff

Jubilee South Upfront News March 2015

This is the latest edition of 'Jubilee South Train Drivers Newsletter' with news and information for RMT train drivers based at Stratford and North Greenwich.

In this edition:

  • Pay Talks Update – RMT Calls For Substantial Rise
  • Strike Called In McGuigan Dispute
  • Go back To Check M Door Alarms
  • Car Park Changes
  • Sacked For Being Epileptic
  • Night Tube
  • Age Medicals

Tube Driver's Newsletter - RMT Upfront November 2014

Download and read the latest edition of RMT Upfront below, and distribute it in your depot.

In this edition:

    Regular readers of “Up Front” will remember the report in August describing how Alex McGuigan was wrongfully dismissed following a false positive reading arising from an unannounced breath test. Alex’s rep proved that a number of medical conditions had affected the reading and also that the Drug and Alcohol Procedure hadn’t been properly followed....
  • Night Tube By A Night Mayor

RMT Says Night Tube Used As A Diversion From Massive Cuts Plan

Mick Cash, RMT General Secretary, said "Whilst RMT is not against night running of the tube in principle, provided all staff involved are properly rewarded and that safety and security is thoroughly worked out and agreed, the truth is that the Mayor threw this plan in as a diversion from his massive cuts and closures programme that will axe a thousand staff and decimate services and safety.