Do Occupational Health And Your GP Disagree About When You Should Return To Work?

What happens if your company's Occupational Health department says that you are fit to return to work after sickness but your own GP says you should stay off work for a while longer? Is your employer allowed to stop your sick pay if you stay off?

No. Case law outlined below explains the legal situation.

Scottish Courage Ltd vs Guthrie EAT/0788/03

TubeLines: The Prequel

This is a briefing that I wrote in 2001, looking at the companies that made up TubeLines when it won the contract for the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly Infraco ...

TubeLines is a consortium consisting of the following companies ...


RMT condemns huge rail fare hikes

RMT press release, issued today

BRITAIN’S BIGGEST rail union RMT called on the government today to intervene to prevent private rail operators hitting passengers with huge fare rises in the new year with some tickets going up by more than double the rate of inflation.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said that the privateers and their shareholders were forcing commuters to pay the price of the recession.

Childcare Arrangements Fallen Through? Your Right To Time Off

The Employment Rights Act 1996 gives employees the right to time off if something “unexpected” happens to their arrangements for caring for a dependant. But your employer may suggest that the word "unexpected" means that if you had more than a couple of days' notice, then you do not have the right to the time off. But a recent legal case has established that “unexpected” can include a situation in which the employee had two weeks’ notice of a change to their childcare arrangements.

Power workers’ strike on London Tube 100% solid, says RMT

RMT press release, issued today

THE FIRST of two 36-hour strikes by RMT shift ‘tester’ technicians responsible for finding and fixing faults on the London Tube’s power supply is 100 per cent solid, the network’s biggest union said today.

And it warned that if employer EDF Energy Powerlink is to avoid a second strike in two weeks’ time the company should negotiate seriously over their claim for pay parity with non-shift colleagues.

Government Puts Flexible Working Rights Extension On Hold

This resolution was unanimously agreed by RMT's National Women's Advisory Committee on 11 November, having been submitted by Bakerloo and Central Line West branches. It will now go to the union's Executive for their consideration.

This union is appalled at the announcement by Peter Mandelson that the government's plans to extend flexible working rights to parents of all children under 16 have been put on hold due to the economic crisis.