RMT London Transport Regional Council - Recruitment and Retention Strategy 2009

This strategy was agreed at the January meeting of the Regional Council.

The recession makes union membership even more important for all ordinary people in Britain.

However many people are not aware of what a union is let alone the importance of a well-unionised workforce for pay, conditions and job security. Some non-members, particularly, may think union membership is an unnecessary expense. Active recruitment is now even more important than ever. It is in the interests of the whole workforce that RMT has the biggest possible membership

HipHop Vs Trade Unionism

Jen York (RMT Learning) describes the event that took place on a weekend in November in Brighton...

Day One

09.30 Saturday morning and the music is vibrating through the doors at the Komedia in Brighton. Ten Young RMT members make there way into the studio and on the Decks are KMT aka Ian Solomon and Dave Smith, TUC tutor from the College of North East London.

Demonstration for Free Education

In 2010 the government will look to lift the current £3000 a year limit on university fees. Soon we could see a return to times when working-class people can't consider university, as they simply won't be able to afford it. The situation here will be like America, where fees could be £40‐50 grand a year, and someone like George Bush can buy a degree from Harvard.

Not everyone wants to go to university. But soon working-class young people won't have the choice!

'Crocker's Corner': What Young RMT Members Are Doing

Rebecca Crocker, London Transport Regional Council Young Members' Officer gives her insight into Taking the Power back and Current issues that she feels affect all young members in our union.

You might ask, ‘what’s the point of having a young members’ section of the union’? Well ...

If more young people don't get involved, the union movement will literally DIE. The average age at union branch meetings is 40+.

Unions should fight over issues that young people care about.

RMT Young Members Visit Cuba

Emma Baldwin (Watford Branch) Reports.....

When I first joined RMT I was told about a trip to Cuba that they do and how I should definitely get myself on to that trip, so when the chance came for me to go I jumped at it feet first!

There is a bit of a warning attached to this you have to remember that Cuba has a trade embargo with the USA, for many decades and because of this some things are very basic, when the information you receive says “basic but adequate” it may not be what you imagine it to be.

Dear Comrade, ...

From RMT Young Members ...

Write in with your work or union related query stating your employer, grade and line/location of work and we’ll ask the font of all trade union knowledge and give you a response in the next edition.

Keeping Informed.......

Long extinct is the carrier pigeon and by the time snail mail arrives the issues have moved on – no offence to our postal comrades at CWU.

So don’t be shy contact us via e-mail with “dear comrade” in the subject line.

Power workers on London Tube set six new strike dates

RMT press release, issued today

POWER WORKERS responsible for finding and fixing faults on the London Tube’s power supply will begin the first of six new overnight strikes at 19:59 on Sunday (February 1) after employer EDF Energy Powerlink again failed to deliver pay parity with non-shift colleagues.

The two dozen ‘shift testers’, who have already stopped work three times, will also strike for 12 hours starting at 19:59 on February 4, 11, 15 and 22 and March 1.

Charter for Track Workers

This resolution, proposed by LU Engineering branch and seconded by TfL no.1 branch, was carried unanimously by the Regional Council in January 2009.

This region notes that successful recruitment needs planning and support from the whole region. We further note the success of other Charters for Cleaners/ Drivers etc and therefore call on the London Transport Region to endorse a similar charter for track workers: