McNulty Report

<img src="" align="right" width="75" hspace="5">The RMT has endorsed plans for a massive national campaign, including a cross-industry strike ballot if necessary, to resist any attempts by the Government to roll out its McNulty Rail Review assault on Britain’s railways.
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DEMO- Young Members lead the way

In the spirit of revolutionary Cuba, RMT young members are spearheading an anti McNulty demo prior to the Cuba Solidarity Garden Party.

The general secretary and assistant general secretaries have all confirmed their attendance.

Bring banners, flags, whistles etc to Kings Cross Station.

Poster attached.

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Action For Rail: Potential Job Cuts of 20,000

Jobs ‘at risk’ in UK railway industry resulting from government proposals for rail reform


In our briefing on the government’s Rail Command Paper, rail unions involved in the Action for Rail campaign indicated that over 20,000 jobs in the UK rail industry were ‘at risk’ as a result of the recommendations in the McNulty Review that Network Rail and Train Operating Companies were being asked to implement.

By extrapolating from the McNulty Review, our briefing indicated the total numbers of jobs at risk broke down as follows:

RMT Demands An End To Agencies, With Workers Given Permanent Jobs Instead

We believe that railway employers are increasingly using agencies such as Trainpeople, in order to casualise the workforce, prepare for job cuts, and undermine our power to take effective strike action. The use of agencies is part of the employers’ and government’s strategy for pursuing the McNulty proposals.

We believe that every railway worker is entitled to a permanent, secure job. We therefore demand an end to the use of agencies, with their employees offered direct employment with the railway company at which they work.

Cumbria Derailment Underlines Key Role Of Threatened Rail Staff

THE SAFE evacuation of the Northern Rail train derailed near St Bees in Cumbria yesterday underlines the importance of safety-trained train and infrastructure crew who are under threat thanks to “wrong-headed” government policy, Britain’s biggest rail union said today.

As the media reported praise for the train crew’s calm and orderly evacuation of around 100 passengers, RMT condemned the government’s plan to abolish guards under the notorious McNulty report, which aims to sack up to 20,000 rail staff to protect private operators’ profits.

RMT general secretary Bob Crow said:

Cut Train Fares Not Train Staff, Say Passengers And Rail Workers

Rail unions, transport campaigners and passenger groups are holding a national day of action today (Tuesday) to protest against massive hikes in rail fares and cuts to railway staff and services.

UK rail passengers pay among the highest fares in Europe for train travel. Following last year’s inflation-busting fare rises, the government has announced that train operating companies (TOCs) will be able to increase rail fares by three per cent more than RPI inflation. This could mean price hikes on most rush hour travel, season tickets and off-peak fares on the majority of intercity journeys.

RMT Warns Of Government Threat To Rip Up Regulations Protecting Ticket Offices From Closures Under Guise Of Cutting 'Red Tape'

RAIL UNION RMT warned today that at the close of Parliamentary business earlier this week, the Government slipped out a possible change to regulations under their “Red Tape Challenge” that would remove a layer of protection from rail ticket offices enabling the McNulty plans to wipe them out to be bulldozed through regardless of public opposition.

RMT On Government Announcement On Rail Investment

Rail investment should happen swiftly and be financed by sacking privateers not railway workers.

RMT will fight any cynical attempt to finance investment at some date way off in the future by sacking guards

Following the government announcement on rail investment RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said "What we need is investment in rail today not yet another political promise of jam tomorrow.

All of the rail projects on this shopping list have been talked about for years and with the surge in passenger demand we cannot afford further delays like the ongoing Thameslink fleet replacement fiasco.

RMTv: Action For Railways Campaign Launch

On May 28, 2012 the rail unions - RMT, Aslef, TSSA and Unite - launched the Action for Rail campaign by leafleting train stations nationwide. RMTv caught the launch event at Euston station.

Action for rail was set up to campaign against the McNulty report which recommends massive cuts to the railways which could mean the loss of over 20,000 jobs.