TUC meeting - climate and workers crisis

Climate and Workers Crisis: Building a Programme to Transition to a Just Economy 

Tuesday 14 September, 5.30pm 

Trade Union Co-ordinating Group 

Ahead of COP26, how do we engage a broad audience of trade union members in shaping an economic alternative to tackle the climate crisis? 

Chair: Vicky Blake,president, UCU 


Daniel Kebede president, NEU

Mick Lynch general secretary, RMT

John Moloney assistant general secretary, PCS

Sarah Woolley general secretary, BFAWU. 

RMT calls for maximum support for TUC anti cuts demonstration tomorrow

RMT members will be turning out in force tomorrow, Saturday 12 May, for the TUC national demonstration calling for an end to cuts and a new deal for working people.

The march assembles at 11am at Victoria Embankment and will arrive in Hyde Park from 1.00pm for a rally which will be addressed by Jeremy Corbyn.

The union’s members will be marching against austerity, cuts, privatisation and the race to the bottom which in the rail, maritime, offshore and bus sectors have wreaked havoc and undermined safety across these industries.

RMT calls for massive presence at TUC march and rally

The RMT National Executive is calling for a massive RMT presence on the 12th May in London demanding a new deal for all workers. Alongside all other unions in the TUC, RMT members will be demonstrating our opposition to the politics of austerity, demanding an end to low pay, cuts in jobs, public services and privatisation.

On 12 May 2018, thousands of people will march through London to demand a new deal for working people. Come and join us.

Read more on the TUC site here.

♥unions week

From 8–14 February, the TUC will run a special week of action against the Trade Union Bill throughout England and Wales. It will showcase the amazing work unions do and tell the stories of ordinary members and reps. We want to get members involved in the campaign against the Trade Union Bill, tell positive union stories to the wider public and recruit new members to the union movement. 


RMT Motion TO TUC Conference Calls For Referendum EU

Referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union
Congress notes the last referendum on Britain’s place in Europe was in 1975 in respect of membership of the Common Market.Since then there have been five further treaties, meaning the European Union now has a clear political as well as economic structure.

RMT Motion To TUC Conference Calls For Campaign To End International Homophobia

Congress deplores the fact that being gay is illegal in 76 countries, and in 10 of these it is punishable by death or imprisonment. It is also well known that LGBT people in many more regions around the world are victims of violence, such as targeted killings, violent assaults and torture.

Congress therefore looks to the TUC to help the campaign to end discrimination against LGBT people around the world as a human rights principle generally and also to be able to respond swiftly to international events, prioritising case-by-case incidents.
Congress calls on the General Council to:

Motion To TUC Calls For London Mayor To Improve Tube Safety Not Attack Union Rights

This is the RMT emergency motion which will be put to TUC congress

Congress notes the “Struck Out” report issued by the Greater London Authority Conservatives on 22nd August 2013 proposing to ban strikes on London Transport and instead use “binding pendulum arbitration" - in which a judge or panel would choose between the positions of the trade union and Transport for London.

RMT's Bob Crow To Ramp Up Call For "New Party Of Labour" At Pre-TUC Rally

At a pre TUC Rally on Sunday lunchtime in Bournemouth, RMT General Secretary Bob Crow will ramp up the call to the trade union movement to support the creation of a “new party of labour” to challenge head on the pro-business, anti-worker agenda of the three main political parties, Tory, Labour and Liberals.

The call comes in the wake of the decision by the GMB union to make serious cuts to its Labour affiliation levels, a decision which has sparked off a major debate in the trade union movement about the future of working class political representation

RMT Takes Fighting Motions On Strike Action And The EU To TUC Congress

RMT takes motions on EU referendum and co-ordinated strike action to TUC Congress and plans direct challenge to Ed Miliband over betrayal of working people

Transport union RMT will be taking hard-hitting motions calling for a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU (Motion 16) and co-ordination of strike action and campaigning against austerity (Motion 54) to the Trades Union Congress which assembles in Bournemouth this weekend.