RMT Executive decisions

Decisions of RMT's Council of Executives, and of RMT's General Grades Committee (the section of the Council of Executives which deals with industrial matters for railway and other non-shipping grades)

DISI - Defective in Service Instructions

RMT General Grades Committee decision on DISI:

That we note and accept the report from our lead officer for London Underground. Accordingly, we instruct the General Secretary to issue as soon as possible a circular with the following wording:

RMT is completely opposed to section 2.2 of version 3 of the D.I.S.I. that states “Generally the train operator will be the most appropriate person to assess the defect. However in some cases the controller may decide to arrange for somebody else to attend the train and carry out the assessment.”

Executive decision: Awards for Activists

Council of Executives decision:

That we note this resolution and that this request has not come from the families of the unfortunate deceased.

However, it would be inappropriate to name awards after activists due to the amount of activists that we have in this Union.

If the families of any activists or members want a memorial the General Secretary is to arrange for this to be in the Garden at Maritime House.

RMT to Ballot LU Drivers for Strikes in Escalation of Battle against Victimisations

RMT General Grades Committee decision today:

We note that our Regional Council has voted unanimously that it wishes to escalate our battle for the reinstatement of our sacked driver reps Eamonn Lynch and Arwyn Thomas to a strike ballot of all London Underground driver members. Our driver reps and members see these sackings as part of a concerted disciplinary clampdown against drivers across London Underground and as an attempt by LUL to weaken RMT’s organisation among train grades.

Pay and Leave Arrangements for Extra Public Holiday

There is to be an extra public holiday this year due to the Royal Wedding. RMT has written to all Train Operating Companies asking their intentions for payment and leave arrangements for our members. Replies have been received from London Underground and Serco Docklands, but neither reply explicitly sets out the pay and leave plans.

RMT's General Grades Committee has referred the issues to its Southern Sub-Committee to get more details so we can respond.

Electronic Communications - London Underground

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we note the correspondence from London Underground notifying us of changes to the ‘Guidelines for the use of LUL electronic facilities’.

We object to the fact that LU has made changes to these guidelines without consultation with this union, and instruct the General Secretary to write to the company accordingly.

We refer this matter to our Southern Sub-Committee for examination and report.

Threat to Withdraw Staff Nominee Travel Facilities

RMT's General Grades Committee decision:

We welcome the resolution from our London Transport Regional Council on this matter, and reaffirm our determination to preserve the right of TfL and London Underground employees to both a staff pass and a nominee pass. We also reaffirm that the fact that an employee may nominate a person who lives at the same address as them for a nominee pass, regardless of their personal relationship with them, is progressive and egalitarian, and we will defend it.

Executive decision: Fares Increases

We note the resolution from our London Transport Regional Council, and agree with its sentiments.

Transport providers - in London Transport and elsewhere - charge exorbitant fares while often providing substandard services, which can lead to abuse and assault against our members. While claiming that they "can't afford" cheaper fares or better pay and conditions for our members, the companies continue to pay fat-cat salaries and bonuses to their top bosses and allow private companies to cream off obscene profits. Fares should be substantially lowered, funded through public subsidy raised by taxing the rich and big business, and ending fat-cat payouts and private profiteering.

Peter Hartshorn Reinstated

RMT General Grades Committee decision, 10 February:

That we welcome the reinstatement on appeal of Brother Hartshorn. We congratulate Peter, his representative, his workmates, his branch, and all others who supported him in his successful fight for reinstatement.