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Advice from RMT to members and/or reps

Key Points From London Underground Cuts Plan Document

London Underground have circulated a document amongst staff telling them the cuts and changes to jobs that they want to make. These extracts are taken from the document which you can download below.

Bits in italics have been rewritten:

The Proposals
Government has told us that we need to make a bigger contribution to the investment needed to continue to improve our network,

we’re proposing to make some fundamental changes in line with our vision for the Tube.

Service Control - Protect Your Job

The text in this article is taken from the poster attached below. Please distribute it in your workplace


London Underground have taken unfair action against service control instructors and are pursuing this further to help cut staffing number.

Stop. Do not:

  • do not let your trainee touch anything without consenting to it first. Every button!
  • if you need a pnr (personal needs relief) you must shut the desk or cabin!!
  • do not have a trainee if you feel the risks are too great of losing your job

London Fire Brigade To Take Further Industrial Action

This action has now been suspended


Your RMT Train’s Health and Safety Council have today, Thursday 17th, met with LU to discuss the upcoming industrial action by the London Fire Brigade and the impact that this will have on us as drivers.

This action is scheduled to commence at 18.00hrs on Saturday the 19th and end at 23.00hrs later that evening.

Briefing: Anti-Union Laws

Anti-union lawsThis briefing itemises anti-trade-union legislation since 1980. It then looks further back into history, and examines some of the key issues in Britain's anti-union laws.

Click '1 attachment' / file name to download this as a document; click 'read more' to read the text below.

RMT London Underground Bulletin - Sack The Agency Not The Workers

RMT has produced a newsletter on agency working, describing the numerous issues with being employed by an agency, why that suits the bosses, and how it risks the jobs of workers on permanent contracts.

In this newsletter:

  • Sack the agencies - not the workers
  • The harsh facts about agencies
  • Justice for the Trainpeople 33
  • Bring All Agency Trackworkers Into Permanent Direct Lu In-house Employment!
  • Halting the spread of agency work

Updated Advice on Rainbow from Stations & Revenue Functional Reps

See the attached updated advice for dealing with Rainbow sickness processes.

Feb 2013-02-28

Update on Rainbow Sickness Process from Stations Functional Council Reps (SFC).

This update is overdue but we have been waiting for an agreed set of minutes from the last APC (Attendance, Performance & Conduct) meeting with management. The minutes are still in dispute but as the next meeting is not now scheduled until April and we are now getting more reports of the process kicking off again we are issuing this update to previous advice.


World Aids Day 2012

International Transport Federation recognises RMT union as the only union in the uk to play a role in activities centered around world aids day in its HIV AIDS bulliten dec 2012.

Activists in the bakerloo branch received information, posters and stickers based on a campaign led by the ITF to get to zero in the month leading up to world aids day (1st dec 2012)

“World AIDS Day this year is about being a ‘change agent: Getting to Zero’ – that is
zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS related deaths.”