Briefings and advice

Advice from RMT to members and/or reps

RMT Equalities Report - May 2015

In this Newsletter:

  • Fit for the Future = More Inequality
  • Inequality of pay and power
  • Location / Displacements
  • Part - time staff
  • Workforce density
  • Destaffing and lone working
  • Rosters and worklife balance
  • Abolition of seated roles
  • What can we do about it?
  • What about equality issues for passengers?

RMT Train Drivers Booklet

The RMT have compiled a booklet for train driver members. This handy guidance contains the following information:

  • Refusal to work on the grounds of health & safety
  • SPAD advice
  • Annual leave agreement
  • Transfers to depots
  • Help for carers
  • Rostering parameters
  • Overtime
  • Attendance policy
  • Grievances
  • RMT membership benefits
  • contact details for tier 2 and functional reps

    Train Driver's New PTOA 'Short Term Arrangements'

    This document is an update to the '90 day agreement' for London Underground train drivers.

    Download it in full by clicking 'read more'.

    This publication specifies the procedures and agreements that apply to T/Ops wishing to meet short-term and domestic requirements, personal difficulties and emergencies. The aim is to assist T/Ops in resolving short-term difficulties whilst avoiding unnecessary time away from work and possible hardship caused by loss of salary.

    Entry to the post of LU T/Op is to a full-time job that requires the ability to work varying shifts

    Every Job Matters: Job Cuts Figures by Proposed Cover Groups

    Please see the download showing the number of jobs to be cut under LU's proposals.

    The figures are complied by cover area. These are the areas over which cover is organised in the new proposed model. The areas included in each cover area are shown.

    Local reps should study these figures and communicate them to all members.

    RMT Stations Functional Council Rep.

    RMT Tube Train Driver's Charter

    This is the RMT’s charter for London Underground train drivers. It lists our key demands and ‘lines in the sand’ – issues which we see as crucial to achieve or defend for those members working in the grade of train driver. Several of these issues are also essential for other London Underground grades and transport workers in all industries.

    Key Points From London Underground Cuts Plan Document

    London Underground have circulated a document amongst staff telling them the cuts and changes to jobs that they want to make. These extracts are taken from the document which you can download below.

    Bits in italics have been rewritten:

    The Proposals
    Government has told us that we need to make a bigger contribution to the investment needed to continue to improve our network,

    we’re proposing to make some fundamental changes in line with our vision for the Tube.

    Service Control - Protect Your Job

    The text in this article is taken from the poster attached below. Please distribute it in your workplace


    London Underground have taken unfair action against service control instructors and are pursuing this further to help cut staffing number.

    Stop. Do not:

    • do not let your trainee touch anything without consenting to it first. Every button!
    • if you need a pnr (personal needs relief) you must shut the desk or cabin!!
    • do not have a trainee if you feel the risks are too great of losing your job