Victoria Line: '5-rounder' dispute


A dispute situation has arisen on the Victoria Line in respect of our Train Operator members and I am in the process of balloting members for both strike action and industrial action short of a strike. The ballot is due to close on Tuesday 8th September 2009.

Management have breached an existing agreement on the number of ‘rounder’ turns that Drivers should carry out. The existing agreement allows for a maximum of 4 ‘rounders’ until either the air conditioning is properly installed or the new trains are introduced.

Our Safety Reps are in no doubt that the current air coolant units are not fit for purpose and therefore lead to an intolerable condition in which to work. That is why the 4 ‘rounder’ maximum was introduced. With no change in the situation and the fact that it is the middle of summer it is incredible that management have gone back on this agreement.

This matter has been raised both locally and at the Trains Council, both of which failed to resolve the situation. But the fact remains that the 4 ‘rounder’ turns agreement was put in place both as a recognition of the health and safety implications and one which would boost morale of the staff. Management are obviously more concerned with getting more and more work out of our members at the expense of their welfare.

Again, we are again urging a big YES vote to both questions on the ballot paper. You will also be able to see the result of this ballot in the members’ area of the RMT website at following the close of the ballot on 8th September 2009.