Vic Line Driver Sacked for Reporting Lost Property!

Victoria line management sack another driver – Jamie Witchell – sacked for trying to steal a laptop and not following lost property procedures (?)

In this case Jamie saw a member of the public banging on the doors at Stockwell just as he was about to leave for the next station, Brixton. Putting two and two together, he realised that the passenger must have left something on the train. On reaching Brixton he informed the driver taking over the train and they both started looking for the bag. Not the actions of a thief you might think? After a period of about 3 to 4 minutes when the bag was unattended, it was handed to Jamie by cleaning staff and he went to the drivers’ mess room to make himself a cold drink.

He then handed it in to the DMT after having a quick look inside to identify the owner. The owner duly arrived and the bag was handed back. Soon after, she noticed her laptop computer was missing and management immediately suggested Jamie had something to do with it and, after it was found soon after, they wasted no time in assuming his guilt and getting him arrested, not even allowing him to use the toilet! This “open-minded” management team included a disciplinary panel which had on it a TOM from another depot which had previously given Jamie a warning for attendance and was the TOM at the depot which Jamie was soon to go to (no suggestion he has an interest in this case then and may not be completely impartial?!). They also ignored missing video evidence, the fact that Jamie was too unwell to go ahead with the CDI, and all other possibilities for how the laptop could have gone missing and found where it was and instead it was easier for them to scapegoat another of our members – there seems to be a pattern developing on the Victoria Line!

Show your support for Jamie at the next branch meeting and discuss what we can do to help him – he has been left on the dole with a wife, baby and new house. Another reason to vote YES.