An update on the water fiasco

As you know, or might not, the facilities management company LU employed to carry out risk assessments and testing of our water have been accused of not completing paperwork. This leaves us in a position of not know which depots or stations have had 4 weekly testing for legionella and other less regular testing for bacteria such as e-coli carried out.

A new company has been employed by LU and they started testing locations just over a month ago. As well as legionella being found in the water at Neasden (John Betjeman House) in March, this retesting by the new company has found two more traces of legionella at Heathrow 123 and Tooting Broadway stations last week. We have requested sight of the risk assessments and reports that the new company (Energi) have undertaken so far, but LU do not appear to have these!

So as it stands we cannot be sure which locations have been done and those that haven’t. Given this, it would be our advice to members NOT to drink the tap water or to use the showers at any LU location until this paperwork has been made available. If you need to go to a different location to get drinking water then that’s what you need to do. Please make all members in your location aware of this advice.

The attached slide show explains in more detail about how we can contract legionnaires form legionella; some information on M.J. Quinn; examples of the types or testing and risk assessments that should be done. There are some helpful notes attached to each slide. We will get a flyer out to place of notice board shortly.

The provision of chilled bottled water is being dealt with by Dave Rayfield. He will give an update on where we are with regards getting all these units back later today.

As usual, any questions, give us a bell.


Jim McDaid