Tube Worker On Why Aslef Members Should Reject Latest Pay Offer

I received an email today from 'Tube Worker' with a flyer attached urging ASLEF members to reject the pay deal as it stands.

ASLEF are currently holding a referendum on the LU Pay Deal with the recommendation being for their members to accept the offer. This is after the inclusion to the deal of 25 drivers being offered redeployment. But is it really in their members interest to give up the fight for a fair and decent offer at this point? Does the 'medical redeployment claus' as it stands really mean anything?

It certainly isn't fair on non train staff. And I hope ASLEF have prepared something to say to their train driver member who is the 26th, 27th, 28th who needs redeployment but finds themselves out of a job if this deal is accepted.

I also wonder if ASLEF members would accept the deal if it still stood as it did before RMT member's previous strike actions? This action was something that ASLEF did not only oppose but actively encouraged their members to break.

The Tube Worker Leaflet is available to view or download here.

Tube Worker's pages on also contains a lot of useful information and interesting opinion pieces