'Transport For All' Concerned About Effect of LUL Job Losses On Elderly Passengers And Those With Disabilities

Transport for All, a disability and elderly persons charity has wriiten a letter to the Evening Standard detailing there concerns about front line job losses at London Underground. Lianna Etkind, Campaign and Outreach Co-ordinator of the charity writes "We are extremely concerned about the effect of these cuts on elderly and disabled Londoners.'

Etkind goes on to say 'TfL seems to think Oyster machines and CCTV can replace human members of staff. They cannot. Many of our members have impairments... which means they simply cannot use automatic machines, and without a staffed ticket office will be effectively barred from the underground.'

Several charities including Transport For All have written an open letter to London's Tory Mayor Boris Johnson which can be viewed here.

The RMT's London Transport Region Secretary, Janine Booth, recently wrote to charities to explain the unions concerns on how job losses would affect the ability of passengers with disabilites to use London underground.