Trains Management Update

Yesterday (12/01/17), your MATS reps met with the company for the first time since mid-December.

I again raised concerns over the way we will be used on mobile shifts, especially because I have heard that a number of DTSMs were asked to keep stations open during the recent station staff strike. The RMT's position on this is very clear. If you have not been balloted and must work during a strike day, then you should only do your own job and not that of someone else, which will undermine the action they are taking. This is particularly important when our own grade is going through a reorganisation and we are fighting against being used in this way!

At yesterday's meeting, the company, again, were unable to show us proposed rosters. They have said, again, that they should be available at next week's meeting.

We raised the issue of enforced moves and have been told that the number of enforced moves will now be lower and that all staff at these depots have been spoken to. We also asked that local managers speak to staff who may have a need for flexible working. They assured us that this is being done, but of course, if you have a flexible working need, please speak to your rep, who can advise you of what to do.

Finally, we have received a counter proposal from a group of TOSMs, which we are now reviewing. We want to ensure that we reach the best deal for ALL members and are happy to discuss this proposal with all of our TOSM and DTSM members. We believe that TOSMs terms and conditions of employment are being changed and have asked for our Regional Organiser to request a meeting with London Underground to discuss this. The advice from the TOSM forums remains unchanged.

For more information, or to request a visit to your depot, please contact your rep