TfL Unions - Working Together On Pay

Unions in TfL are making concerted efforts to schedule pay talks with TfL management, although no dates have yet been confirmed.

Over the last two weeks TfL Unions have held over twenty well-attended workplace meetings on pay across TfL, with more still to take place in the London Transport Museum and Dial-A-Ride. Feedback from members and non-members at these meetings tells us that the key aspects of this year’s pay talks are:

  • A negotiated, consolidated pay rise for all employees
  • Pay comparability across all parts of TfL
  • An end to hiring over-paid consultants, and full TfL contracts for other agency workers
  • Equality of pay – challenging the endemic differentials in pay for staff doing equivalent work
  • Transparency of pay – clear, consistent guidelines for determining pay rates on appointment and promotion

We want the best deal for our members, and your unions will put the interests of TfL staff at the centre of these pay talks; our pay claims will reflect your views and concerns. We will keep you fully informed of the progress of these pay talks, and seek your views and feedback on any developments or offers made by TfL.

There are six recognised trades unions working together in TfL, and we believe that each of these unions – and their members – should be given the best opportunity to participate in these pay talks. To achieve meaningful consultation and negotiation with TfL – and to give your union reps and officers time to consult with members, and to seek expert advice and information, these pay talks must take place over a planned and scheduled period, not rushed and compressed into a couple of weeks, as TfL seem to want.

We want a speedy resolution to talks, but more importantly, we want the best deal for TfL employees; a pay award that recognises the hard work and commitment of staff and values your essential contribution to this fundamental and unique public service.

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JOC Newsletter - 27 April 2015 FINAL