TfL Dispute - Lack of Support for TfL Staff

I am writing this in a personal capacity but I believe this is the feeling of a lot of TfL members of RMT. We have given 100% to the build up of this dispute/campaign since day one. We have only 4 'recognised' Reps in the whole of TfL unlike other areas of membership. We are part of this dispute because of the possible 3000 job cuts in our area, no pay offer whatsoever from TfL and members being denied the representatives of their choice plus we already have to suffer the disgraceful 'OCP' scenario where we can be made compulsory redundant.

All this but there is never a mention of us in any negotiations, press releases or sight of any support on our pcket lines. All we are hearing from our General secretary is LUL.

We need more support than is being given from Head Office and our problems need addressing as urgently the RMT members in LUL.

So far I feel we have been sidelined and if this continues we will end up with a mass exodus of members.

Paul Rutland RMT TfL No.1 Branch Chair