Ten Reasons Why Revenue Staff Should Vote YES-YES to Save Jobs

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1. Because the merging of the three revenue units into one was a prototype for these cuts. Look at the effects this has had: extremely low morale; higher stress levels; more disjointed, unrealistic workloads for management and admin. Imagine how bad it would be if this was spread to the rest of LUL.

2. Because ticket offices will be shut, passengers won't be able to sort out Oyster problems or buy tickets, so there will be an increase in assaults on staff.

3. Because if hundreds of station staff are cut, RCIs will be unable to get the assistance we need at stations with few or no staff.

4. Because this is just phase 1. Revenue and Supervisors are next on the agenda. We are already running with 30+ vacancies with 12 people waiting to come in.

5. Because with fewer station staff, we will be asked more and more to cover station jobs rather than doing our own job.

6. Because we rely on on our station colleagues for intelligence and assistance in preventing fare evasion. Having 800 fewer will have a seriously detrimental effect on our ability to do our jobs.

7. Because LU management are not listening to your union reps in talks. Industrial action will make them listen.

8. Because this is an all-grades ballot. RMT is asking station staff, revenue, drivers, service control, engineers and admin to stand together to defeat these job cuts.

9. Because every Yes vote puts more pressure on management to withdraw the job cuts; and every No vote gives them the green light to go ahead. Management will interpret No votes as support for their job cuts, and abstentions as apathy - they will take both as endorsement of their plans.

10. Because these job cuts are not ‘inevitable’ - not if we fight them, anyway.