Ten Reasons Why Admin & Duty Managers Should Vote YES-YES to Save Jobs

Read the ten reasons below. Click '1 attachment' / file name to download a special issue of 'RMT London Calling for MATS grades.

1. Because these job cuts will be a disaster for all of us - every grade of station staff; other grades of Underground workers; and passengers too.

2. Because LU management are not listening to your union reps in talks. Industrial action will make them listen.

3. Because management have not given you a chance to vote on whether you want job cuts. RMT is giving you that chance - this is your opportunity to show your opposition to de-staffing of stations, offices and depots.

4. Targets have increased, the workload has increased. We have consistently met target and now the thanks for that is you have to apply for your own job. You may not get it, you could be excess to requirement. Then what?

5. Because this is an all-grades ballot. RMT is asking station staff, revenue, drivers, service control, engineers, duty managers and admin to stand together to defeat these job cuts. Station staff are not being left to fight alone.

6. Management have allowed graduate trainees to preference for duty manager jobs. When it comes to competency based applications, they will have the advantage over you. Anyway, why should you have to compete against graduates for the job you now do and do well?

7. Because admin have been treated with total disregard. They don’t even know what location they will end up at. Not enough admin have volunteered for severance and management have no idea (they admitted it) where the excess staff will go.

8. Because industrial action is where our real power lies. We and other grades keep London Underground running every day - if we withdraw our labour, the Tube stops, and the company and the politicians have to listen.

9. LU plans to downgrade the desk DMT to being paid lower than a supervisor rate. If they then do the equivalent on stations DSMs will go and a GSM will have a deputy while what supervisors are left will carry out the DSM role.

10. Because these job cuts are not inevitable. Not if we fight them, anyway!