Support your sacked colleagues. Vote YES for strike action!

Click on the attachment to download the Issue 3 of the Bakerloo train grades newsletter.

The article follows:

Three Bakerloo Line drivers have received early Christmas presents from the Bakerloo Line management in the past couple of weeks: two sacked, one dipped.
All three cases could quite easily have been handled more compassionately by management but instead the axe was wielded unnecessarily.
The RMT Bakerloo Line Branch has voted unanimously for strike action to have our two sacked colleagues re-instated. Ballot papers will be arriving soon. It is important that everyone votes YES for strike action to show management that enough is enough; we will not stand by idly while they sack our members.
The recession and the Metronet bail out have put financial constraints on LU and it is the workers who are paying the bill. Instead of early retirement for those that want it, management appears to have adopted a policy of just sacking anyone who steps out of line.
This is the case across the Combine but the Bakerloo Line sacking crew appear to have it off to a fine art. The same manager who smiles, shakes your hand and asks how you are has your P45 in his back pocket. How these people sleep at night is anyone’s guess.
You have two choices, sit back and do nothing or decide to make a stand against these blatant, merciless attacks. If you do nothing, who will stand up to defend you when the Bakerloo Bad Santa comes calling?
Your sacked colleagues have families, mortgages and all the same bills as you. Ask yourself, how could you survive if you were the victim? Would you like your union and colleagues to stand up to defend you?
A final word about the mess room wreckers, the people who say, they deserved it, they ones who claim that nobody gets their job back. These people are just wrong; they are spineless and will use any excuse not to loose a day’s pay. These idiots wouldn’t defend their own granny.
Defend your colleagues, show solidarity, vote YES for strike action. Vote Yes on bothe ballot papers!
Ballot papers will be sent to members homes from December 23rd. The ballot closes on January 12th. If you do not receive your ballot paper call head office on 0800 376 3706.
Solidarity wins. Stand up to the bullies!