Skills Development Update

At the last consultation meeting your reps had with London Underground (20/03/18), we raised a few issues, including the action tracker being incomplete, staff we believe to be in the wrong pools and the company’s lack of communication with our members or your reps.

We have been raising various individual issues for weeks now, with no response from the company. We believe this is unacceptable and shows a total lack of respect for our members and their concerns. We hope that we now have all of the answers we were looking for and will follow up individual cases through the appropriate channels.

At this meeting, London Underground told us that they had received a number of requests for Voluntary Severance and that all of these requests would be accepted and the individuals offered VS. However, we were shocked to hear that at least two people have been refused their applications because they are performing well in their roles! The company are also refusing to hear any appeal to these decisions.

We will update you following the next meeting, but in the meantime if you have any issues or queries, please contact one of the Transformation reps


They are Kelly Berry, Mick James, Paul O’Brien, Phil Rigby-Faux, Danni Rogers & Lorna Tooley