Signals Grade Progression: RMT Responds to LU

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we note the correspondence from London Underground.

It is disingenuous of LU to complain that this union has not used the ‘agreed machinery’ when during the period referred to there was no agreed machinery due to LUL’s withdrawal from it. Despite this, our reps have tried to maintain good industrial relations.

Furthermore, despite LUL’s claims, there are no agreed minutes available yet and our representatives have been requesting a director level meeting to discuss this matter.

Our representatives have been pursuing this issue for not just months but years, and are angry that this has not yet been resolved. Members have lodged dozens of grievances regarding this matter to which management have so far not replied. Our representatives have offered full negotiations on the Signals Progression Matrix in the Framework Agreement to refresh it to reflect the current staffing levels and skills needs.

Our branch reports that our members are very angry and feel that they have been messed around for too long now.

We reject LU’s call for us to suspend our industrial action ballot. We instruct the General Secretary to reply to London Underground raising the points above and insisting on a meeting between the union and the company as soon as possible to resolve this dispute. We further instruct the General Secretary to send a personal letter by post to all members involved in this dispute, giving them an update on the situation.

LU Engineering branch and London Transport Regional Council to be advised.

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