Sign the joint unions' mass petition for proper funding of London's transport

Dear colleague,

Sign the joint unions' mass petition for proper funding of London's transport

TfL's latest funding deal with the government comes to an end on 11 December 2021 and negotiations are beginning around a new funding settlement in the capital. RMT has condemned the last deal as a disaster for London's public workers and passengers alike and the union has pledged to fight all attacks on jobs, pay, conditions of employment and pensions, including through strike action where necessary. We are absolutely resolute that workers will not be made to pay for the policy failures of others who made TfL so dependent on fare income that the pandemic led to its financial collapse. We are prepared for action wherever it will be necessary.

While we will resist any attempt by TfL to impose cuts and detriment on staff, RMT has also joined with Unite, ASLEF, TSSA and the ITF in a joint union campaign to put pressure on the government to agree a proper funding package for TfL that stops the cuts and the attacks on workers. I would urge you to sign this petition and then circulate it among friends and family. This petition needs to bring as many people as possible together, from London and beyond, behind the case for investing in the capital's public transport and in the staff who have worked so bravely throughout the pandemic. The government need to see that Londoners do not support their cuts.

Sign the petition here and then circulate it as widely as you can:

Thank you for taking the time to read this message,

Yours sincerely,

Michael Lynch
General Secretary