Senior Manager Admin Update

Your Transformation reps were due to meet with London Underground today (27/03/18) for the latest consultation for Senior Management Admin. The last meeting with the company was on 2nd March and the company cancelled the subsequent meeting. We were very keen to meet them today, but unfortunately, yesterday evening, they cancelled the meeting.

Their excuse for this is that they needed more time to review their own proposal that they brought to the last meeting! They have also deferred the opening of the VS window.

We think it is disgusting to leave our members in limbo like this and to cancel the meeting with such little notice shows complete disrespect to our members. With more notice, we could have arranged to meet with you instead.

We will update you following the next meeting, but in the meantime if you have any issues or queries, please contact one of the Transformation reps

They are Kelly Berry, Mick James, Paul O’Brien, Phil Rigby-Faux, Danni Rogers & Lorna Tooley