SAVE VESTAS: Get a place on the solidarity bus - Friday evening


From Workers' Climate Action

Everyone down at Vestas is still standing strong in the face of the possession order. A bus of about 20 Londoners went down on Tuesday evening, but everyone is getting pretty tired and another boost is needed!

A minibus (or two!) will be leaving London on Friday evening from Clapham at 6pm heading for Vestas. The bus will return on Sunday. It will cost between £10-£15 a head (or a bit more if you can afford to subsidise others) and will deliver a boost in numbers and energy to the fight to save jobs and save the planet!

This is crunch time – we can only presume that an eviction attempt is pending and as you can imagine the people inside the occupation are under a lot of pressure– they need your support in order to win.

If you want a place on the bus please contact Bex on 07971-719797, or email VestasVolunteers.

If you have more time on Friday then join the Workers' Climate Action picket of Joan Ruddock’s surgery (Minister for Climate Change) at 3pm on Friday 7th August, Sayes Court Club House, 341 Evelyn Street, Deptford SE8 5QT (5 mins walk from Deptford overground station, trains from London Bridge every 10-20mins, journey time about 5 minutes).

If you can’t go to Vestas then the picket is followed by a meeting at 6pm in a pub nearby to discuss London-based activity.