RMT Still Fighting for Justice for James

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

We note the resolution from our Finsbury Park branch.

We note that the Employment Tribunal found that London Underground dismissed James Masango 100% unfairly, and believe that LU should therefore reinstate him 100%.

We are very concerned to hear from the branch that LU has not returned James to his workplace (Brixton depot) despite there being a vacancy there and James being top of the waiting list. Instead, LU is requiring him to work from locations that have added two hours travelling time each way to his journey to work, and appear to be treating him unfairly in the allocation of duties.

We accept the branch’s view that this union can not allow LU management to treat James in this way, especially following the appalling trauma the company has already put him through. If management get away with treating James like this, it will encourage them to treat others unfairly, and to revive their campaign of victimisations that this union’s actions have fought so successfully over the last year.

We note our previous decision that we are prepared to ballot all London Underground train driver members for industrial action should this case not reach a just resolution.

In line with the branch’s request, we therefore instruct the General Secretary to:

  1. urgently obtain a legal opinion as to whether London Underground’s actions are in breach of its agreement with Brother Masango to return him to work at a ‘reasonable’ location, and/or whether LU is attempting to frustrate this agreement
  2. write to all branches with London Underground members updating them on this issue
  3. assist Finsbury Park branch and our LU train grades committee in organising a series of ‘walkabouts’, ensuring that officers and representatives visit all London Underground traincrew depots
  4. contact all London Underground level 1 and 2 representatives and all tier 1 and 2 representatives requesting their participation in this campaign
  5. contact other London Underground trade unions requesting their support
  6. circulating appropriate information about this issue to the wider trade union movement and other supportive organisations
  7. place this matter back in front of us within 21 days with a report on these actions and any other developments, and with a view to balloting for industrial action should this issue not be resolved

London Transport Regional Council and branches with London Underground members to be advised.


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