RMT Sets The Pace - Letter Morning Star 20th Aug. 2009

It was great to see the Morning Star headline Stunning victory for Tube workers (August 19), but, as your editorial made clear, this victory only concerns the workforce covered by the RMT who were willing to fight for their terms and conditions.

Other trade unions who have sat back are now left out of this agreement.

The same scenario is taking place in the TfL side of the dispute, but unfortunately also concerns the members of the RMT in this area.

In the non-London Underground Ltd (LUL) areas of TfL, RMT is the minority union and management are able to ignore the workforce as there is no fightback by the other recognised trade unions.

Management will still not talk seriously about our pay claim or future job losses because they know that, other than RMT, the recognised trade unions are letting the bosses set the agenda.

All RMT members in TfL who supported the recent industrial action can hold their heads high with the knowledge that they were correct in their stance - what is being achieved on LUL supports this 100 per cent.

Transport workers must begin to realise that in areas where RMT is strong, major gains are made.

That is why RMT is the trade union for all, whatever their workplace or grade, if they wish see their terms and conditions upheld or improvements fought for.

PAUL RUTLAND RMT TfL No.1 Branch Chair