RMT Rail Renewals Campaign - Includes LU Track Contractors' charter

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we note that a further meeting of our steering group has taken place and that a summary report of the survey among our Renewals members is on file. We also note that the work on the RMT Track Contractors Charter for London Underground is progressing and is about to be launched.

The General Secretary is instructed as follows:

  • To provide any practical and material support and assistance that may be required by our London Underground Engineering Branch for a successful launch of the Charter;
  • To convene a seminar meeting of the renewals steering group, along with selected respondents to the survey that will provide a fair representation of the sector, at the Doncaster Trades Club in November 2011 to discuss the issues in the survey and our Union’s strategy with a view to developing a Charter for the sector.

Reports on the launch of the LU Charter and on the seminar meeting to be placed before this General Grades Committee.

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