RMT prepares to ballot over new 'HOT' procedure

That we note the resolution from our Piccadilly & District West Branch, and are stunned that given the contentious historical nature of this matter which places the travelling public and our members in danger; that the company have again put forward a procedure without adequate consultation, and imposed it on staff despite our H&S representatives raising serious concerns about it.

We do not accept it is safe for this new HOT Procedure which has been introduced to save time, to instruct staff to open or break into any lost or suspect packages or physically remove them from trains and stations.

Accordingly, we instruct the General Secretary to:

  1. Write to all members with clear and concise information regarding our members rights not to put themselves in danger when dealing with suspect packages and luggage; such as the currently accepted guidance that if after following the HOT protocol a member of staff considers an object to be suspect, they should take the following actions in this order:
    1. Clear the immediate area
    2. inform your supervisor/control. Accordingly, any member compelled in a contrary manner by management to open or tamper with a package they consider suspicious may wish to refuse to do so on the grounds of health & safety; and this union will provide them with its full and ongoing support.
  2. Prepare a matrix of all LUL RMT members in preparation for a combine wide ballot.
  3. To convene an emergency ad hoc meeting with the Directors of LUL and include our Regional Organiser and Safety Reps from trains and stations with the remit to remove this dangerous procedure and replace it with one that protects our members and the traveling public.

Safety MUST come before the service!

Members to be advised by hard copy for everyone plus email and text.

All London Transport Region branches and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.

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