RMT Pledges Full Support For CWU Postal Workers

postal strikersSPECIALIST TRANSPORT union RMT today pledged its full support for the CWU postal workers in their fight for a secure future and decent pay and conditions and a delegation from the union, including General Secretary Bob Crow, will be joining the picket line at Mount Pleasant sorting office on Thursday (22nd October) at 4.30pm.

On Friday (23rd October) RMT cleaners working on the Eurostar for the Carlisle Group at St Pancras International will be on strike and will be organising picket line exchanges with local postal workers.

Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary, said:

“It’s crucial that the entire trade union movement rallies round the CWU and their postal members in what is a fight for the future of both their industry and the essential public service that they provide for the British people.

“The postal workers are in the forefront of a national fight to protect jobs, working conditions and pensions from cash-driven cuts and they will get the full support of RMT members in that battle as it is one that we know only too well in the transport and maritime industries.

“We can all see the vultures of the private sector sniffing around the Royal Mail, looking for any opportunity to kill off the universal service and turn the post into a money making racket that mirrors the experience on the railways.

“RMT stands shoulder to shoulder with the postal workers, their fight is our fight and the solidarity of the trade union movement will be key to securing their victory.”

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