RMT Members Agree All Workers Under TfL Umbrella Should Be Admitted To Superior TfL Pension Scheme

We note the report, which clearly illustrates the benefits of membership of the TfL Pension Fund as opposed to inferior, defined-contribution pension schemes that have been established by many employers operating under contract or franchise from TfL.

We note that:

  • Many companies now offer pension schemes that are significantly inferior to the TfL Fund.
  • Many of the workers concerned - eg. cleaners, canteen staff - would have worked for TfL (or its
    predecessor, London Transport) had they been employed prior to contracting-out, so would have been
    members of the TfL Fund.
  • There is a two-tier system operating across TfL, and even within some companies.
  • Opening up the TfL Fund to everyone who works under the auspices of TfL will help to secure its
  • Now that companies are legally obliged to provide an occupational pension, they should provide one
    that is stable and gives good benefits, not some cheap and nasty alternative.

We further note the positive response so far from branches and representatives to the suggestion that
this union demand that all employers operating under the TfL ‘umbrella’ support the admission of all
their employees to the TfL Scheme. Such a demand would unify our members across the region, and
its achievement would reduce inequalities through levelling up.

We instruct the General Secretary to obtain a further report detailing the pension schemes currently
available to members working for employers owned, contracted or franchised by TfL, to confirm that
they would benefit from achieving such a demand, and to place this report in front of us in preparation
for tabling it to all relevant employers.

Regional Councils and branches to be advised.

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