RMT Executive Confirms Allocation of Members to Branches

This decision confirmed the allocation of members and workplaces to the 17 branches in RMT’s London Transport region, as listed here.


We note the report from our Regional Organiser regarding spheres of influence of branches within London Transport region. We endorse the report and instruct the General Secretary to ensure its implementation.

We note in particular the reallocation of London Underground cleaners and catering staff to those branches which include those London Underground members alongside whom they work. We instruct the General Secretary to facilitate support and training to these branches in integrating, representing and organising cleaners and catering staff. We echo the thanks extended by our Regional Council and branches to Finsbury Park branch for its hard work in organising London Underground cleaners over several years.

We instruct the General Secretary to place in front of us as soon as practical reports on the outstanding issues in this report, specifically: the future of the Thames Riverboats branch; the allocation and organisation of taxi drivers in areas beyond the area of TfL licensing; and the allocation of London Underground service control members at Baker Street (District line) and Waterloo (Waterloo & City line).

We instruct the General Secretary to advise London Transport Regional Council and branches of this decision, to enclose the list of the confirmed spheres of influence as listed in the report, and to publish this on the union’s website for members’ reference.

What is a National Executive Committee decision?

This article is an 'executive decision' which has been written by the RMT National Executive Committee. The National Executive is the union's governing body in between AGMs. Its decisions set out what the union will do on a particular issue.

These decisions can often be brief, and may be one of several passed over a period of time. To get a better understanding or find out more information about what the RMT is doing, speak to your rep or attend your branch or Regional Council meeting.