RMT Disabled Members' Conference

Report to RMT's Council of Executives of RMT's initial Disabled Members' Conference: A Conference took place on 8th November in accordance with your instruction. Whilst the number of delegates attending was far from high, a very positive discussion on the way forward took place. There was agreement that disabled members needed a voice in the Union and that a Rule change should be brought forward.

There was also consensus that work would be required in order to attract interest from more disabled members and make another conference a viable option. It was agreed that publicity by way of an article in RMT News would assist. With the help of two of the delegates, the article would consist of a definition of disability, legal rights, education, examples of reasonable adjustments and success stories of both legal cases and where RMT had intervened on behalf of members to assist in resolving issues. It was also suggested that the article include an invitation to disabled members to join a mailing list to receive further information.

The idea of the BTUC Disability Conference preliminary agenda being the focus of a further meeting at the end of March was also recommended, along with perhaps speakers, from the Remploy campaign, Thompsons solicitors on legal issues, etc.

RMT Council of Executives decision:

That we note that a conference took place on 08th November 2011 and a very positive discussion took place amongst the delegates attending on the way forward.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to place an article about this first conference in a future edition of RMT News.

Further, this matter to be placed in the Equal Rights Sub-Committee for examination and report.

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