RMT 'appalled by persistent failure to pay the correct wages to our Transplant Members'


That this NEC is appalled by the company’s persistent failure to pay the correct wages to our Transplant Members and instructs the General Secretary to take the matter up
in-line with our LU Fleet Branch’s resolution.

“Our RMT Transplant members can no longer tolerate London Underground’s persistent failure to pay staff wages, in some cases staff have been waiting for the correct rate of pay for more than 10 months. To add insult to injury Transplant management still expect all work to be carried out as per normal. Management have offered no reasonable explanation to either the trade union or the affected staff for these reductions in wages.

It’s the RMT’s view that if left unchallenged transplant management will allow Instructor Operators to remain on a lower rate of pay than the ETOs that they are expected to train for a substantial period of time, no contract will be issued for staff that have moved into new roles and the reduction in pay will be an issue that gets escalated between the TU and management leaving our members frustrated, as no explanation for the unacceptable delay is forthcoming.

Our Union will not sit idle whilst transplant management abuse the AAW by deducting annual leave from our members who have doctors’ certificates this is not the LU AAW policy and transplant ETOs expect management to abide to their policy.

This Branch calls on the General Secretary to write to the company to address this as a matter of urgency and to inform them that without a satisfactory outcome this union will be in dispute with them”.

Members to be advised by email and text.

LU Fleet Branch and the London Transport Regional Council to be advised.