Report: RMT Annual General Meeting

AGMRMT's Annual General Meeting took place in the Isle of Man at the start of July. The delegates from London Transport region were: Bill Teale (LU Fleet branch), Bob Law (Jubilee South and East London Line branch), Brian Munro (Bakerloo line branch), Glenroy Watson (Finsbury Park branch), Janine Booth (Stratford no.1 branch), Linda Wiles (TfL no.1 branch), Mick Crossey (Camden 3 branch), Paul O'Brien (LU Engineering branch), Vaughan Thomas (Central Line West branch). In addition, several activists from our region attended the young members' course that runs in parallel with the AGM.

Here is a summary of what happened, with the highlighted words providing links to articles that give more details. To read some of the linked articles (the more controversial stuff that was discussed in 'closed session'!), you will need to be logged in.

I've tried to be as factual and unbiased as possible, but this is my personal report, so it is from my point of view, and does not cover every single thing that happened at the AGM! You can read my rather more subjective, political report here. Other delegates are welcome to post their own reports.