RMT AGM 2009

Reports and information from RMT's 2009 AGM, held in Douglas, Isle of Man.

Proposed RMT rule changes

As you will probably know, RMT will be holding a Special General Meeting in early November, which will discuss four rule changes submitted by branches. All these rule changes seek to improve our union's democracy, as follows:

- to extend the time available to branches to submit amendments to resolutions to the union's AGM - to ensure that during disputes, the union's Executive considers the views of a strike committee elected by and from the striking members - to create a larger, more diverse and representative Annual General Meeting

Report: RMT Annual General Meeting

AGMRMT's Annual General Meeting took place in the Isle of Man at the start of July. The delegates from London Transport region were: Bill Teale (LU Fleet branch), Bob Law (Jubilee South and East London Line branch), Brian Munro (Bakerloo line branch), Glenroy Watson (Finsbury Park branch), Janine Booth (Stratford no.1 branch), Linda Wiles (TfL no.1 branch), Mick Crossey (Camden 3 branch), Paul O'Brien (LU Engineering branch), Vaughan Thomas (Central Line West branch).

Regional Council Appeals Executive's Refusal to Discuss Dispute Resolutions

At our April meeting, the London Transport Regional Council past three resolutions about our jobs / pay / justice dispute. Unfortunately, the General Secretary refused to table two of these - those entitled Revised pay offer and Rank-and-file members be heard - to the Council of Executives. The Executive then delayed discussing our appeal against this refusal until it was too late to make any difference, and when it did decide, upheld the General Secretary's decision and would not let itself look at the resolutions!

AGM - Young Members Host MOJO

Ashley, Paddy and GerryOn the Wednesday morning of RMT's AGM, we started off not knowing who the people we were introducing actually were. We watched a film called 'In the Name of the Father', and at the end of the film, there was complete silence, after we had witnessed what the Guildford Four had been through in 1970.

Guest speakers

The following guest speakers addressed the AGM:

  • David Cretney, Isle of Man Minister of Transport
  • Joe O'Flynn, General Secretary SIPTU (Irish transport union)
  • Karl-Heinz Zimmerman, Transnet (German transport union)
  • John McDonnell MP, convenor of RMT's Parliamentary group
  • Assaf Adiv, Manager of the Workers' Advice Centre, Israel
  • Avraham Edri, Chairman, Histadrut
  • Paddy Crumlin, National Secretary, Maritime Union Australia
  • Chris Kane, Western District Secretary, Maritime Union Australia
  • Cedric Godevin, CGT (French trade union)

A Delegate's Report from RMT AGM

This is my personal report on the RMT AGM, which has also been published in 'Solidarity' newspaper, and on Stroppyblog.

Rail and transport union RMT held its annual general meeting from 28 June to 2 July, against a backdrop of employers attacking jobs and conditions across the industry.

The AGM was unanimously determined to resist these attacks. However, thousands of job cuts are going ahead, several strike ballots have been voted down, and it was not entirely clear how the union plans to turn this situation around.

RMT AGM: Young Members Resolutions

In February of this year, the National Young Members Conference submitted two resolutions to the AGM.

I'm pleased to announce that both resolutions were carried unanimously and that they are now union policy

They were:

WHEN I'M 64 "As the government continues to increase the age at which our members will be entitled to; or be able to afford to retire this union notes the importance of defending our members' occupational pensions from further erosion by the government and business fat cats.

RMT AGM: Stop the Sickness Bullies

At RMT's AGM, I proposed this resolution on behalf of Stratford no.1 branch. Lots of delegates spoke in favour of the resolution, telling stories of management abuse of sick staff in their company and/or area. This relates strongly to one of the three issues of our current Jobs Pay and Justice dispute. The resolution was passed unanimously. This is the text of my speech.

Across our industry, employers are clamping down on sickness absence.