Reinstate Joel Miah!

The following letter was sent to RMT General Secretary:

To: General Secretary Dear Bob,

Following the result of CDI, a meeting of the Bakerloo Branch was held and agreed the following resolution:

“This Branch notes the summary dismissal of Bro Joel Miah, a train driver member at Queens Park and is appalled at another gross unfair treatment of a long standing and respected member of staff with an exemplary record. This Branch believes that London Underground has an agenda of reducing staffing levels and no one gets a fair hearing at Company Disciplinary hearings. We note that our RMT representative at the CDI highlighted comparator cases were drivers committed similar errors and were not dismissed. We firmly believe that Bro Joel Miah was not given a fair hearing and that he should not have been sacked. We call on the council of executives to organise a ballot for industrial action and action short of industrial action of all train staff on the Bakerloo Line and that we link this dispute with our campaign to reinstate Bro Fitz Chambers.”

Can you put this matter in front of the General Grades Committee as a matter of urgency.

Yours sincerely,