Regional Council Resolutions - August 2012

The following resolutions were passed at this month's regional council meeting.

London Underground Train Operations Support Managers chairing case conferences - Hammersmith & City branch
This regional council believes the new policy of allowing TOSM’s to chair case conferences is outside the current attendance procedure and we believe this to be the thin edge of the wedge.
It is not acceptable for LUL just to change a policy or procedure by sending a letter to head office and stating it has been agreed.
We therefore ask that all our representatives are instructed not to take part in case conferences where there is a breach of the procedure and the “Employing Manager “is not present.

1950's Kenyan 'Mau Mau' Rebellion
The mainly Kikuyu (along with other tribes such as the Meru and Kemba) rebellion in Kenya against colonial rule during the 1950's was a blot and stain on a hidden and little known era in our history and was christened the Mau Mau Uprising by the authorities

The origins of the rebellion can be found in the chronic land shortages, racist actions of the white authorities and the obscene treatment of the majority indigenous people by colonial power of Britain. The role of the growing working class in Nairobi and the East African Trade Union Congress, notably the Transport Union, in its resistance to colonial rule and its role in 'stirring up the natives' led to its leaders being persecuted and imprisoned. Indeed, during the state of emergency, carrying a union card was seen as enough to warrant being interned in the concentration camps the authorities used to clear the land and destroy the rebellion. However, the spirit and wish for freedom and independence could not be held back and whilst the rebellion was severely suppressed and crushed, independence was achieved in December 1963.

The treatment of the Kikuyu and other tribes during this period led to an estimated 50,000 dead. In many ways, it was seen as 'open day' on the indigenous peoples with beatings, shootings, sexual assaults, internment being weapons of choice. But the struggle against these wrongs did not fade with time and now the veterans of this period have launched legal action to get compensated for the crimes committed against them and their pre-hearing outcome is due in October as to whether the case can even be heard in court.

This region notes that the descendants of these veterans are now members of our and other unions and believe their struggles should be recognised

We therefore call on:

  • This Region and our union to affiliate and support the Mau Mau Justice Network
  • That our Parliamentary Group are encouraged to lobby on behalf of justice for the mau mau
  • That is struggle is raised within the wider Trade Union movement and we look to get the TUC to affiliate to this campaign and the Mau Mau Justice Network and broader Mau Mau Veterans Association
  • That an event involving the broader trade union movement is organised within the Houses of Parliament Committee Rooms, in the run up to the court outcome to raise awareness
  • A fringe meeting be organised at the TUC Congress

Equality Agenda Item - Finsbury Park
Following the recent C of E decision to require Regional Councils to report on Equality issues each time they meet.
This Branch requests the Regional Council to add the following:
In standing order 7, after 'Organising & Recruitment', insert, 'Equalities'.

Office space requested by branch - London Taxi branch
“That the RMT London Taxi drivers branch 0930, request a consideration of the provision of a facility for recruitment, a focal point for taxi driver members who are without a workplace, and a place for industrial matters to be discussed”
In layman's terms, what we are looking for as a branch is an office space.

Over recent months the membership of the London Taxi drivers branch, have made it clear to me, that they believe that the RMT Union is discriminating against them, due to there self employed work status. We have heard of other self employed members doing rather well, but these self employed people have a work space environment, and don't have to deal with sensitive and sometimes very personal issues in the back of a Taxi, its not only extremely unprofessional, but gives a dim view of our Union, to those we are trying to represent.

We as a branch have close to 500 members and have branch meetings that have never had less than 30 members attending, we believe that as a branch we are punching well above our weight, and if we could secure an office space, my three learning reps wouldn't have to hold court in the Starbucks in Horseferry Road, and maybe our London Transport regional organiser, could share this space and wouldn't be tripping over the other three desks in his office

What we are asking for is a level playing field, we have heard the argument, that if we have an office everyone will want one, well I'm sorry i don't get that, every other branch in the London Transport regional, has a workplace environment, a rest room or a canteen to meet and fully represent members, we don't and are therefore failing our members.