Notes from LTRC Executive 10/3/09

Attendance: Janine Booth, Vaughan Thomas, Josie Toussaint-Pinnock, Dean O'Hanlon, Carol Foster, Becky Crocker, Steve Hedley, Olly New, Clara Osageide

Apologies: Brian Haughian, Andy Littlechild, Malcolm Taylor, Joanne Parry, Linda Wiles, Paul Putland, Paul Jackson, Dave Rayfield, Brian Munro, Unjum Mirza, Glenroy Watson, Frank Curtis

CORRESPONDENCE Various correspondence noted and passed round. Agreed to: - arrange for new banner to be made - circularise branches asking if they have banners and recommending that they do! - sponsor the forthcoming London NSSN event (22 March), fund Andy Littlechild + ANOther to attend, and make a donation - total to be paid = £50

RECRUITMENT/RETENTION/ORGANISING Agreed to: - organise training day on producing effective printed materials, to be held on Tuesday 24 March - £20 to be spent on lunch - consider more training for level one reps

COUNCIL OF EXECUTIVES REPORT Olly reported on: - the jobs/pay/bullying dispute - Seven Sisters dispute - European election - Tetra - the report produced for the Police Federation will be posted on RMT website; RMT health & safety officers to investigate conducting a survey - ETUC demo 15 May; European anti-privatisation conference 16-17 May Questions and discussion followed.

REGIONAL ORGANISER'S REPORT Steve reported on: - the jobs/pay/bullying dispute - 'dummy run' recruitment exercise on 23 March at Stratford Market and Northumberland Park depots; - recruitment week 27 April - 1 May - TfL negotiations - EDF Powerlink settlement - London Overground Questions and discussion followed, during which it was agreed to: - write to the GS asking for extra resources to take on sacked cleaner reps as organisers - invite London Overground RMT reps to the next Regional Council meeting.


Youth Fight for Jobs ( - Becky Crocker to be our delegate

Supervisor conference on cleaning Issues ( - ask Pat O'Brien to organise, in liaison with cleaners grade and Finsbury Park branch

G20 demonstration ( - Council of Executives already actioned; promote around region

Metronet Redundancies ( - actioned by Council of Executives

Metronet & LUL Pay & Conditions ( - actioned by Council of Executives

Request for Ballot ( - Ballot has been actioned by Council of Executives; campaign/strike committee has been set up and is meeting regularly. We agreed the following to action the rest of the resolution: - ask Regional Organiser to write to the companies asking them to open their books ie. allow full access to all their financial information to the trade unions and the public - hold another protest at 55 Broadway on the morning of the day that ballot papers go out (Olly to advise Janine when this date is known) - assist with TfL/MATS recruitment plan agreed by Strike Committee - ask GS to display banner on Unity House - ask GS for slot on RMTV - produce a leaflet for the public - ask GS re availability of campaign bus - discuss press coverage with GS, including whether we are allowed to issue our own press releases - ask Website Team to create a section of the website for the public about this dispute

MAILOUT We agreed the following: - to divide the mailing list according to branch, and ask branch secretaries to identify names which should be removed - include in the next three mailings that we intend to move to sending it out by e-mail in future, and asking people to notify us if they prefer to keep receiving it by post Janine to advise everyone when this month's mailing will be stuffed, aiming for Monday morning 16 March.

FUTURE MEETINGS We agreed that the agenda of future meetings will include: - implementing Regional Council decisions - recruitment, retention and organising.

We also agreed that future meetings will start at 4pm.