London Underground Job Cuts - the fight continues

RMT's General Grades Committee has today taken the following decision:

That we note the views of our representatives freely expressed at the meeting on 20th December in the Indian YMCA Hall.

We further note the report from our Regional Organiser.

The General Secretary is instructed to liaise with our sister union and make clear to our members and LU Management that unless real progress is achieved on this issue we may name further days of industrial action in support of a safe working system and in defence of jobs.

The General Secretary is further instructed to continue our campaign in the media and by other means to highlight the increasing risks to safety created by understaffing and at time non-staffing on stations and other jobs on the system.

Earlier this week, RMT's Council of Executives agreed to make dispute payments to members in the event of further strike action in the LU Job Cuts dispute.