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Overtime and rest day working

The matter of overtime and rest day working was raised with the new GSM, who insisted that there was not a ‘blanket’ overtime ban, but merely that ‘overtime’ was being more closely managed. However, the outcome of this ‘closely managed overtime’ has been evident for all to see... Ticket offices closed, gate lines unstaffed, meal relief duties un-covered and staff being told to take DMR’s, and all this why we are being told to provide ‘A world class service’...

We have been told that the budget on stations overtime on the Jubilee Line has been overspent by £400k already, but what we haven’t been told is where – perhaps there is a ‘stations overtime entertainment budget’ for the use of Three Castle’s House management, which would easily explain the overspend, and l’m sure that a few quid of the overtime budget has already been put aside for the management Christmas party!

RMT have been told that all Supervisor, SA(CR) and dead early and late turn shifts will be covered, and that other shifts will be ‘looked at’ as to weather they will be covered or not. The GSM also said that they would look at only covering ‘essential’ shifts – but RMT pointed out that all shift’s are essential, if they weren’t management would have cut them out years ago!

Whilst it was also a pleasant surprise to see two DSM’s had recently found their way out of Three Castle’s House, and had to cover the late turn Supervisor at London Bridge, it would also be interesting to see if they will be covering duties on the gate-line, or working on ticket office windows in the peak hours, or even enjoying a bit of ‘lone working’ on a dead late, but we doubt it.

If you have any problems regarding overtime or the non adherence of duty coverage, please raise it with your local RMT rep.


When is a bunch not a bunch? If you happen to be a CSA, it would seem that it is if you dare to stand next to, or even try to speak to a colleague about anything, Reports have reached the branch, and your rep’s, of RMT members being told to move away from colleagues, not to stand to close together, and even when they have attempted to explain the reasons why they are standing with a colleague, the men in suits at Three Castle’s House don’t even want to listen! We have even heard of reports that whiteboards had to moved as they were bunching, and that we are abolishing the peak hour, as passengers have been known to ‘bunch’ on platforms and on trains!

However, if you actually go to the offices in Three Castles House, you are allowed to bunch as much as you like, on many occasions you can find three or more DSM’s in the office, who insist that they are not ‘bunching’ but doing work of vital importance to the group – no doubt designing an ‘anti-bunching form’ to fill in!

The RMT have, and will, continue to take this matter up with management, as we find this further attempt to behave in petty and vindictive games with our members is totally un-acceptable, especially as they are having to deal with the incompetence of management’s mishandling of the entertainment (sorry, station staff overtime) budget, and the negative effect on morale that this is having on the group.

Training issues

At the recent level one meeting, RMT raised the issue of inadequate or non existent training for staff on equipment such as the dispatcher terminals, new phones in control rooms and new fault reporting forms, and it was agreed that the GSM would address this matter and arrange appropriate training for those who need it – but he didn’t say when, so don’t hold your breath waiting!

SATS Duties

SATS duties are the latest to come under the attention of management, who have nothing better to do than design more forms and to get staff to spy on other staff. It has even been brought to the RMT’s attention that DSM’s have been hiding by lifts, behind pillars and in passageways, and then spying on staff that have been doing SATS duties, and saying they are not making all the announcements that they should! Well, RMT have an answer to that, if you’re told by a DSM that you are not doing your job on the platform properly, offer them the PA and the bat, and ask them to show you how it’s done – l’m sure they will then find an ‘urgent’ reason to go back to Three Castle’s House for a spot of bunching!

Various Issues

Various issues were raised at the last level one meeting with the GSM, which included the new Waterloo East National Rail gate-line, which will NOT be the responsibility of LUL staff, the securing of money in the Borough High Street ticket office, whereby we suggested the use of the redundant units at Southwark (Waterloo East) as an interim solution, The staffing of Waterloo East gate-line during peaks, whereby we again reminded management of agreements made during the shorter working week regarding the staffing of this area due to the closure of the ticket office, Wide Aisle gates (WAG’s) at London Bridge and when they will be installed on all gate-lines, Customer numbers at London Bridge at weekends, and the consequent staffing levels, whereby we demanded a review and an increase, The data protection act and the impact that this has on control room staff, and we requested (yet again) that appropriate guidelines on this matter be issued, and DSM’s calling staff at home, whereby we reminded the GSM of agreements between management and the trade unions on this issue, and that under no circumstances should you be contacted at home by phone unless you have agreed with management that they may do so. If you wish to raise or discuss any of these items further, then please don’t hesitate to contact your local RMT rep.

Winter clothing

RMT reminded management of their requirement to provide hats and gloves, and should you require any then please contact the admin office where they are now available.

Your London Bridge Group RMT reps

Jason Humphreys - Local Staff Representative

Jane Gwynn - Health and Safety representative

Lynda Aitken - Union Learner Representative

Branch Meetings

Branch meetings are held every pay-day, commencing at 1600, at ‘The Blue Eyed Maid’ – London Bridge, and all RMT members are encouraged to attend.