Leaflet for Managers and other grades

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How will Management Keep London Moving By Cutting Jobs in TFL, LUL / Metronet?


Will management get the backing of their Duty Managers?

Why would they, Duty Managers have seen their conditions being eroded, rosters with extra Sunday’s and Nights implemented. They were told by management ‘Grade Progression’ would be implemented Sept 09 even though talks with their reps failed. At the Company Council management denied saying GP would be implemented in Sept 09 Time to unite with the other grades.

Will management get the backing of the Operational Trainers?

Why would they, management have excluded Operational Trainers from the Grade Progression altogether. They have been ignored !!!!

Will management get support from the TAC & PCR? Why would they, after trying to implement team working (TAC) and making false promises on pay and Grade Progression.

Will management get the support of the Admin staff?

Why would they, again the Admin Grade Review has been ignored after being told by Company Council on Dec 16 2008 to resume negotiations, management decided not to do this, we are still awaiting an AGR meeting.

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